The Red Shoes Ballet Review

I recently went to the ‘Red Shoes’ ballet in the Birmingham Hippodrome, and here is a review I wrote:      On Thursday 13th of February 2020, L4th was thrilled to have the unmissable opportunity to venture to the Birmingham Hippodrome, to watch the famed ‘The Red Shoes’ ballet. Viewing a ballet would be a new experienceContinue reading “The Red Shoes Ballet Review”

The 2020 Academy Awards

Blinding lights of numerous cameras, pining to capture a fragment of your enchanting looks. A cascading dress, accentuated and perfectly complemented by the rouge blush of the red carpet. Fan upon fan, mesmerised at the sight of their idol, hustling and bustling to get that One. Step. Closer… And you awake from your dream, notContinue reading “The 2020 Academy Awards”

Food Groups Experiment – KEHS

After a much-needed Christmas break, L4K were back in the lab, ready to begin their new topic of food groups! We kick-started 2020 Biology with an experiment – the perfect way to start any term!      Apparatus consisted of four test tubes and a test tube holder, as well as the food groups we were testingContinue reading “Food Groups Experiment – KEHS”