Awesome Blogger Award I

Hi everybody! Firstly, I’d like to announce some news that’s cheered me up to no end: I’ve reached 200 followers! Thanks so much to each and every blogger that’s contributed to this number. I’m truly blessed to have all your support. I’m honoured to have been nominated for this award by jeofreyogire. He has a fantastic blog, and I urge you to read his posts. His writing is very informative, and ideal for anybody who wants to find out more about earning online. Many thanks, jeofreyogire, for nominating me. I’d also like to mention my friend’s website. One of my close friends, Neave, has a great website filled with her passion about protecting our environment and marine biology. Please do take a look here:! If you have any feedback, do leave it in the comments and I’ll forward it on to her. Now, on to the award itself!

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  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
  • Answer the questions you were asked.
  • Nominate at least five bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
  • Give them ten new questions to answer.

Answers to jeofreyogire’s Questions:

  1. What is your favourite job? My dream job is to be an entrepreneur, and the CEO of my own business. As well as being obsessed with The Apprentice (UK), I like to think of myself as a natural leader.
  2. How many times in a year do you go on holidays? It depends! In the past couple of years, many of our planned holidays were cancelled. It’s been a rough couple of years for members of my family, and my mother especially has had to deal with numerous illnesses. It’s worth giving up a holiday to see your loved ones heal, however, and we’ve managed to cram in a few getaways too!
  3. As a blogger, have you ever had challenges with WordPress or any other content management system? If so, mention at least two challenges. Not yet! Being fairly new to this platform, I am fortunate enough to have not experienced any challenges while using WordPress. In addition, WordPress is a very professional site which is easy to navigate. Hopefully, I won’t experience any problems in the future…
  4. How do you find it dealing with meta-tags? *Insert confused look* What are meta-tags?!
  5. If you were to choose between West Africa and East Africa, which one would you be interested in visiting? Definitely West Africa! I’ve already visited Masaii Mara, in Kenya, in the east of Africa. Though it was a real treat and I would love to visit again, I would love to see what the west of Africa has to offer!
  6. Name your best sport. Must I? I am the complete opposite of sporty. I’ve always been rather terrible at sports, however much I enjoy them. I love playing badminton though, as well as cycling. Lately, my parents and I have taken to playing badminton in our back garden every evening. It’s a great way to keep spirits up and appreciate the beautiful sunsets!
  7. Do you believe in God? I’m a Hindu, so I believe there are multiple gods and goddesses (all showcasing a personality/trait belonging to the ultimate God, Brahman). Though this is what my religion says, I’ve always been rather curious and unsure of the existence of God. Who knows?
  8. How do you relate to God? I don’t think I relate to God at all. I believe God is beyond all human emotions and understanding, and therefore we humans are unable to understand anything of such magnanimity.
  9. Which other topic would your blog stand for? I’ve always had a liking for photography, and I’d love to make a couple of photography posts. I’ve always loved seeing the serene views on other bloggers’ sites (such as Rising Star and Bren from Brashley Photography). I’m thinking of making a post with pictures of my travels abroad… Thoughts?
  10. When did you start your blog? My blog officially started in 2017, but I only uploaded one post. It wasn’t until around two months ago that I started to actually blog regularly. I love blogging, and I only wish I had realised my passion for it sooner! Oh well – better late than never!

Questions for Nominees:

  1. Are you religious?
  2. What was/is your favourite subject at school?
  3. Who is your role model?
  4. What was the last thing you ate?
  5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  6. What is your number one pet peeve?
  7. Do you play any instruments?
  8. Which superpower would you want the most?
  9. What’s your favourite movie?
  10. Would you rather meet an alien or a superhero?

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Prepare yourself. The list is quite long…

  1. Roy Lando
  2. Chronosfer
  3. Tanya
  4. ShankySalty
  5. Stine Writing
  6. Tarushi Parashar
  7. Victoria
  8. gifted50
  9. raviprasadwrites
  10. The Social Vigilante
  11. Abirbhav
  12. Jacob
  13. Innerdialects
  14. Abbie’s Tree House
  15. Shivaansh Sharma
  16. gaillovesgod
  17. parikhit dutta
  18. Pankanzy
  19. Hilary Tan
  20. Anjali Tiwari
  21. PoojaG
  22. helenps
  23. newvideos31
  24. Saba Ansari
  25. Adidas
  26. Yleniaely
  27. Harsh
  28. opane_
  29. MB
  30. MagneticMommy.Life
  31. aarzu
  32. Shruti pandey
  33. Pooja rani
  34. science_girrrrrl
  35. Silver Stone
  37. Vincent Ehindero
  38. Vikas Karmani
  39. thebibliophilewriter
  40. Goin’ the extra…aaamile

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you’re all feeling alright. I know it can be very difficult for many in these circumstances. Just bear with it, and hopefully we’ll be back to our usual lifestyles.

– TishGirl❤️



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