A devilish grin placed on her metallic mouth.

Glossy eyes – that of a doll – gaze into space.

Joints and muscles clunk like rusty gears.

The mechanic winds the features into place.

Wires spark and thread between the bones.

A spanner twists, a screwdriver assists.

Until all metal components are indistinguishable.

From foot and ankle to hand and fist.

Locked away like a solitary oyster

The mechanic creates the prototype at the fore of his mind.

His calloused hands are those of a long-worn servant,

Serving the advance of mankind.

The horizon stretches into infinity.

Days and nights pass in a daze of body part upon part.

Each inching a little closer to the completion.

Sweat and blood for a humanoid heart.

She arises like the dawning day that will never arrive.

The final touches are placed upon her form.

Mankind pauses for a brief moment.

He has created this being against the norm.

A humanoid yet somewhat lacking.

Where is the human nature we know so well?

Where is her feeling? Curiosity for answers?

It is irreplaceable – time will tell.

– TishGirl❤️


Published by TishGirl❤️

I'm simply a teenager with the wish to weave words into tapestries of writing. I have a love for all things writing, and blogging allows me to nurture my passion and share my creations with others. Join me on my adventure into worlds unknown...

51 thoughts on “Humanoid

  1. Great poem Tish! Loved it… “Where is her feeling? Curiosity for answers?
    It is irreplaceable – time will tell.” A very profound ending. That is the essence of humanity, our curiosity…All the best,
    Greetings from the Iberian Peninsula,

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    1. Indeed; but hasn’t our curiosity that stems from destruction led to so many troubles. If only our curiosity were programmed to seek goodness.

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  2. I love the last line: Time will tell. This opens up an interesting conversation about humanoids and whether they are capable of learning about feelings and curiosity. Is that the one area that separates flesh and blood from technology and can that be programmed? Thanks for writing this – very thought provoking.

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      1. For me, my blog only seemed to pick up after reaching 50 followers. I expect you’ll be reaching a boom in views, follows, likes, and comments soon enough. Your content is amazing though, so don’t be disheartened!😊

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      2. Thanks a bunch I’m blown away! I hope you’re right a portion of my followers don’t interact as much as others do although today I’m trying to contact others; I even read a whole blog commented and my comment was deleted twice.

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      3. Oh no! That’s a shame! There are loads of amazing bloggers out there who really take the time to read and respond to each comment. I’m sure you’ll find them soon enough! All my followers are so positive in terms of replying to my comments and commenting on my posts, you included! I’ve made a few award posts, where you can see some of their names.😊

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