The 2020 Academy Awards

Blinding lights of numerous cameras, pining to capture a fragment of your enchanting looks. A cascading dress, accentuated and perfectly complemented by the rouge blush of the red carpet. Fan upon fan, mesmerised at the sight of their idol, hustling and bustling to get that One. Step. Closer…

And you awake from your dream, not nearly ready for the drudgery of your ordinary life. While we may not be fortunate enough to experience the renowned Academy Awards, this dream was a reality for lucky few on the 10th of February (at 1 AM GMT time, no less). The 92nd Academy Awards made history, with the critically-acclaimed Parasite claiming a whopping four Oscars, to funky and flashy outfits stealing the show.

    Parasite was one of the show-stopping films of the annual Academy Awards, becoming the first foreign film in Oscars history to receive an award for Best Picture. It was proud to claim Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature, and Best Director, in addition, with Bong Joon-Ho (director of Parasite) joking, “After winning best international feature I thought I was done for the day and ready to relax.” Brad Pitt made a dig at the US Senate during his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor, “They said I have 45 seconds. Which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week.” While the crowd found the joke rip-roaringly hilarious, supporters online were quick to respond with disappointment of yet another mention of tedious politics. Meanwhile, Rebel Wilson and James Corden were quick to bring on the laughter with their cat outfits (complete with face-paint) to represent Cats when presenting the award for visual effects.

The Academy Awards have wrapped up for yet another year, with comical jokes and emotive speeches being among the highlights of this year. With such triumphing successes among unexpected winners, who knows what next year’s Academy Awards will present?!


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