Athena’s Intervention

  • Hello and a belated happy 2020 to you all! I recently wrote a poem inspired by Minerva/Athena of ancient mythology, as part of an entry to a competition. I would like to share my poem with you, and I hope you enjoy reading it!


Poses upon his throne of grandeur,
Moulding to his tyranny.
A malevolent frown with dagger-like eyes
Twists his features most horrendously.

Here be a dictator, feared and proud,
With solid heart of ice.
Tremble upon mention of his name – 
Or deign to pay the price.

Freedom unheard of among the King’s court:
His command is law to all.
From dusk till dawn they toil away
Enjailed by the King’s haunting call.

Years pass like the turn of day,
Hope dwindles, waning in plight.
But word spreads like a wildfire, swift,
Of a revolution soon to ignite.

On velvet wings like a preying owl
Comes Athena in highest splendour.
From resplendent hair to her sandal-clad feet,
Not a single person fails to fear her.

The King himself in his glory and pomp
Trembles, shaken by the warrior’s might.
With a fluid grin masking his quivering fear, 
The King greets Athena with false delight.

Promachos laughs – a sinister sound –
And turns to face her kin.
“Free my people of their toil and sweat,
Lest a heavenly brawl to begin!”

The King declines with a sadistic sneer,
Letting loose a fanatical roar.
All intentions of a civil exchange
Are discarded in place of power and gore.

Athena combats with stealth and grace,
But the King with the brutest of force.
Never such fight had been witnessed before
Without the slightest shade of remorse.

A warrior’s cry pierces sharp in the sky
As Athena plunges her sword through the air.
But pity and sorrow befalls her face
And her sword remains stagnant midair.

The King erupts to rapturous praise,
Grovelling at her holy feet.
Yet she looks away with a distant gaze
For her kin’s suffering is to abate.


Years have flown on the breath of the wind,
And in hushed whispers talk the freed, of the fight.
They know in their heart of their saviour true,
For none can match Athena’s might.


Published by TishGirl❤️

I'm simply a teenager with the wish to weave words into tapestries of writing. I have a love for all things writing, and blogging allows me to nurture my passion and share my creations with others. Join me on my adventure into worlds unknown...

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