Thirds Trip to Ledbury and The Malverns – KEHS

Wednesday 5th June brought lots of grins as we made our way to Ledbury, a small yet picturesque town in Herefordshire. We were split into groups and given around two hours to explore our surroundings, some collecting data from the busy high street to others peeking in at the renowned theatre. It was highly entertaining and a new experience for many of us, as well as a milestone in our learning journey. We were observing, noting and searching as if we were professionals! Of course, the Ledbury trip could hardly pass without a quick trip to the well-known sweet shop! Ice-cream, toffees and chocolate were bought and shown to one another along the way to the Malvern Hills.
The Malvern Hills were completely different. Following a steep hike up the hill, we followed the winding tracks to the summit, where we were rewarded for our efforts by a magnificent view. Towering over Greater Malvern and Malvern Wells, we snapped images of any photographer’s paradise! After a session of making notes, we ambled back (making a pit stop to enjoy yet more delicious ice-cream)!
This was definitely one of the most exciting trips the Thirds have been on till date, and we are looking forward to learning more about these scenic areas in our geography lessons.

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