3K’s Genetic Traits – KEHS

Leading up to Christmas, 3K were delighted to find that their final biology task was to research each other’s genetic traits.
Firstly, we were shown examples of genetic traits such as cleft chins and handedness. Next, we formed small groups within the class, and brainstormed our ideas. The lab was a bustle of “How tall are you?” and “What is your eye colour?” as we questioned amongst each other to provide statistics.
We were conceptualizing ideas like never before! To present our collected data in a professional and unique way was no easy feat, yet the posters we were doing them on were soon covered with well-presented information. To spur us on further yet, Ms Rollason announced that our posters were to be entered for an exclusive 3K poster competition! This made every group more determined to win the prize for best poster.
As was evident in the posters, much research had been completed such as that on dominant and recessive traits and how they come to be. Each and every one of the posters included an array of various types of graphs (e.g. bar graphs); different facts; beautiful presentation techniques such as including images; and recorded data. Though all the posters were special, the competition was won by my group (myself, Amara and Aysha) as the judges appreciated the personal touch we added to our poster (by including pictures of myself displaying different traits). We enjoyed the prize of strawberry laces! The group consisting of Bryneet, Anya and Saarah came a close second, winning fun stickers.
Overall this was an enjoyable topic to work on, and creating posters helped us to learn more in a pleasurable way within a competitive environment.



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