Ritisha Baidyaray’s First Blog

To all those reading this, this is my first blog. I think a blog is like a memory and a collection of blogs is your mind. So this will soon become the place where all my memories are stored. But why don’t I write a diary, all to myself? The answer is: I want to share my experiences with you. Why don’t you read my blogs to feel my experiences; know my memories; go through what I’ve been through? Go on, give it a try!

In fear of you not knowing enough about me, I should tell you the basics:

⋅ My name is Ritisha Baidyaray.

⋅ I am currently 11 years old.

⋅ My birthday is on the 16th of October.

So, watch this space to go on many adventures!



Published by TishGirl❤️

I'm simply a teenager with the wish to weave words into tapestries of writing. I have a love for all things writing, and blogging allows me to nurture my passion and share my creations with others. Join me on my adventure into worlds unknown...

14 thoughts on “Ritisha Baidyaray’s First Blog

  1. hey ritisha,

    i love your blog and your writing all together. your writing is incredible and natural. keep doing what youre doing as i absolutely love it. thak you for sharing your writing with the world.

    Liked by 1 person

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